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A visit to our company
On Saturday July 11th, 2020 was published a video from Modellbau König  „MBK on Tour“ produced during a visist at MR Modellbau, a longtime German after market resin model producer n Goslar in Northern Germany.  The video features our production facilitiy in Vienenburg and gives an impression from the idea for a resin model product, then design and construction of the master model, follwed by manufacturing in our company rooms, assembling and store keeping of ready products as well as selling to the private customer and model trade companies. The video is only available in German language, if you have any questions or proposals, please contact us by email. In times of Corona pandemic crisis with  a changing international plastic scale model market situation with recovery and growing sales of many resin after market  brands international trade enquiries are welcome. 


Important customer information
Shipments to the U.S.A. and Australia

For shipments to the U.S.A. we did found a new way, our shipments will be delivered by USPS. All customer orders up to 1 kg total weight can be send for the normal international shipments costs which are mentioned in our webshop. Please expect delivery time  to the U.S.A.  of 10 – 12 days, in single cases we must request an additional postage charge. All new orders from the U.S.A. are accepted, all undelivered U.S.  customer orders from the past weeks have been send  in late July 2020.
At moment it is not possible to send normal customers orders for the postage costs which we have in our webshop. The German mail / DHL does not accept small box letter and parcel, we can send them only as “Premium” or “Express” by German mail / DHL or other parcel services. Customers must expect shipment costs of approximately EUR 40.00 (AUD 66.00) for an usual order of 1 – 3 items of our MR Models series. We have no informations how long this will rest,  all orders from Australia still paid by Paypal will send as soon as it is possible.

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