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Small series
We build complete models for Industry and hobby area.
Moreover we offer small series in all scales, made with PU Guss.
Please contact us - we are looking forward to your inquiry and will be well 
prepared to advise you! 

Here you'll see some examples of our work! Click on photo, to enlarge.



This is a figurine of Colonel Sanders,
created for Kentucky Fried Chicken.
To fulfill the customer wish, we duplicated
it via Gießkeramik and add the color
with airbrush.


An other custom order is
this head of a zebra. Created by a
designer, and duplicated in our concern.
Used airbrush to add color.




Here you'll see a model in 1/35th
scale, we create for the
armament industrys.
Be build the "COBRA" in high
number of pieces,
and add the colors via airbrush.


For a finnish dockyard, web build
these two customs duty ship models,
called "Die Glücksstadt". Scale 1/50th,
build and lacquered in our concern.